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 We have changed the name of our organization from Ukrainian American Club of Washinton to

 Ukrainian Association of Washington State.


The Ukrainian American Club of Washington was founded in Seattle in 1971 for the purpose of informing Washingtonians about Ukraine, and promoting its lovely culture. Its founder, Wolodymyr Klos, was its first president. The main goals of UACW were to represent the Ukrainian viewpoint and to work towards furthering the knowledge of the Ukrainian culture and of Ukrainian traditions.

First Ukrainian American Club of WA President, Wolodymyr Klos (1971 - 1979)


Starting in the 1970's the UACW acted on behalf of Ukraine's right to statehood, and annually marked the Proclamation of Independence by the Ukrainian National Council in 1918. The Club was successful in getting the governor of Washington, as well as state legislators and the mayor of Seattle to proclaim January 22nd as the official day commemorating Ukraine's Independence.


"January Anniversary in Seattle"

The Ukrainian American Club of Washington's observation of January 22nd as Ukrainian Independence Day. The UACW president, Wolodymyr Klos, welcomed over 500 guests to the event, including state senators, congressmen, and other dignitaries...

...The Independence Day program featured Seattle's Ukrainian folk dance ensemble, "Hony Viter" and ended with the singing of Ukraine's national anthem. Local television stations, radio, and newspapers covered the event.


From Svoboda Ukrainian Daily Newspaper, January 31, 1973




A delegation from the UACW received by Seattle Mayor Wes Uhlman at a ceremony proclaiming

January 22,1974 as the day commemorating Ukrainian Independence Day in the city of Seattle.


In the early 1970’s, under the auspices of the Club, the Ukrainian dance group “Hony Viter", was established.  Its elaborate dances and mastery of folk principles delighted the Northwest region.


Members of the local Ukrainian folk dance ensemble, "Hony Viter" performed at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry during the "Christmas Around the World" festival in 1974.


In addition to the cultural aspects of the Club’s mission, an important component of the Club’s activities was organizing rallies in support of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, which was being repressed, informing the free world of the oppression and Russification of Ukraine.


A demonstration organized by the UACW members in 1975



In 1979, Orest Danysh became the second UACW president. Club members continued to annually celebrate the Ukraine's Independence Day, sending petitions to local authorities.  Work continued to support Ukrainian political prisoners.  Activity of the Club expanded to include petitions regarding human rights violations and full support for Ukrainian democracy and independence.  The importance of the study of Ukrainian history and literature, as well as political theory proposing Ukraine’s independence, reaches new heights and as such, foundations are formed to provide a financial base to promote these studies.  Club members actively support and become sponsors of these foundations.



Former UACW President, Orest Danysh (1979-1986; 1989-1992)



The Club forms a Women's Committee, which organizes exhibitions of Ukrainian art at various local festivals. Exhibits include embroidery, pysanki, intricate wood carvings, and beautiful Ukrainian costumes.  The organizers and active participants in the women's committee include Nadia Danysh, Victoria Klos and Mary Shevchenko.



In 1986, Alex Krynytzky is elected President of the Club.  This new president embodies the essence of Ukrainian culture, and even more so, of Ukrainian music.  Such a strong cultural presence cannot help but affect the activities of the Club.  Since 1987, the Club has become a regular participant of the annual Northwest Folklife Festival.  To showcase the Ukrainian culture, the Club has invited famous dance groups from Canada and talented Ukrainian musicians.  During this period, the Club joins other ethnic groups, such as the Austrian and Polish Clubs, and begins to participate in an annual evening of dance called International Dance.



Former UACW President, Alex Krynytzky (1986-1988)


In 1988, the Club elected as President Wolodymyr Kunkо, who served for one year in this position.  The important milestone of the One Thousand Year Anniversary of Christianity in Ukraine was celebrated not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. The Club took upon it self the responsibility to organize information events dedicated to this event.


With the declaration of Ukraine's independence in 1991 a new chapter opens in the history of the Club.  A young nation needs support, and so members ofthe Club, once again, donate to the publication of new text books of Ukrainian history, children's book publishing, and the revival of Kiev-Mohyla Academy.


A donation receipt issued to the UACW by the Mohyla Academy in Kyiv, 1992.


In the 1990s a new wave of immigration makes its way to America, which in turn in fluences the Ukrainian communities of our state.  In 1993 the Board of the Club elected Eugene LemcioNow Ukraine marks true independence, and dreams of prosperity and development as a free countryThe goals and objectives of the Club remain the same - to bolster Ukrainian culture, and assist in the establishment of the Ukrainian state, to inform the local and international public about Ukraine, its people, and its needs. Beside the annual celebration of Ukrainian Independence Day, the Club also celebrates yearly the birthday of Taras Shevchenko and also celebrates the New Year Eve.


Former UACW President,  Eugene Lemcio (1994-2000; 2004-2006)


The 21st century made its debut, and progress and controversy accompanied the quick pace of life. At that time the Club elects its first woman president, Dr. Luba Kihichak.


                                                                           Former UACW President, Luba Kihichak (2000 - 2004)


Among the most important events organized by the Club at this time is a welcoming of the Ukrainian sail boat "Batkivshchyna"at the port of Elliott Bay in August 2002 and participation in the rally "Let the world know Ukraine."  During the space of two years, the sailing team of "Batkivshcha" traveled around the world attracting the attention of the international community to the existence of Ukraine as an independent country in Eastern Europe.


In the same year, continuing the tradition of the 1970s, the Club plays an active role in the festive Christmas program “Christmas around the World,” held at the Museum of History and Industry. 

The new president not only led the Club, Ms. Luba simultaneously became the leader of the dance group "Dolya," for four years teaching children Ukrainian dance.  The group "Dolya" appears not only all events organized by the Club, but participates in various local festivals.





Ukrainian dance group "Dolya", 2002 


The run-up to the presidential election in Ukraine in 2004 grows into the Orange Revolution, and rallies around the Club many civically conscious people. The Club sponsors and organizes two trips for 300 people wishing to vote in Ukraine’s presidential elections at the Ukrainian consulate in San Francisco.  To express solidarity with the protesters in the main square in Kyiv, the Club organizes rallies in the center of Seattle, attracting the attention of local media.



UACW members organized a demonstration in downtown Seattle in a show of solidarity

with participants of Ukraine's Orange Revolution of 2004.



Since 2006, the Club has been headed by Petro Drohomiretskiy.  In that year, thanks to the efforts of the Club, a polling station is opened in Kent. It is the only foreign station that worked outside the consulate or embassy.


President of the Ukrainian Association of Washington State (Ukrainian American Club of WA), Petro Drohomiretskiy


In 2008 the Club actively participates in a nationwide event called "The Eternal Flame" which commemorated the Ukrainian genocide perpetrated by Stalin in the 1930's. Seattle is chosen as the America city to receive a torch relay from neighboring Canada. The event, organized by the Club, impresses all visitors’ with its highly professional level.



Project "Eternal Flame" honoring the victims of the state-enforced famide in Ukraine 1932-1933.  May, 2008.


The UACW sponsored the Ukrainian Olympic hopefuls in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, 2010.

The Club continues its traditions, regularly celebrating Ukraine's Independence Day and the anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birthday, each year taking part in the Northwest Folklife Festival and the International Dance party.











































































































































 The Club regularly invites Ukrainian musicians and famous people to meet with the community.


Ukrainian traditional bard, kobza and lira player, Vasyl Nechepa, 2006



Dmytro Hubjak a virtuoso bandura-player, Honored artist of Ukraine, 2010



  Meeting with one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian writers, member of Union of Writers of Ukraine, Association of Ukrainian writers, political activist - Vasyl Shklyar, 2011


An important achievement of the Club during this periodis the birth and flowering of the Barvinok Dance Ensemble and Serpanok chorus.



Barvinok Dance Ensemble


Serpanok chorus




In 2011 Club name changed to Ukrainian Association of Washington State.  With a new name our organization welcomes new members to its ranks, as it continues seeking ways of strengthening the Ukrainian community in the state of Washington.